Get the Hat

Street show

30 minutes


The hat of a clown gets stuck at a very high spot. Now, he must get it back. He tries many different ways to do that, only to make a clown of himself while failing. Finally, his only option is to perform a spectacular act of funambulism while he hopes the volunteers don’t let go of the rope he is walking on.
One man, one problem, one story, grand finale. Speechless and with few props, but still a pretty big show.

Old & Bold

Puppet variety show

70 minutes


They’re wise enough to stick together, old enough to not feel intimidated by death, let alone by your opinions. Loaded with painkillers and free as little birds, they perform their wacky numbers while celebrating life to its fullest, poking fun at themselves and everyone around them along the way. Just one more time and never again.

Old & Bold is a production of TOLPA.

Directed by: Hristina Vasić Tomše

Cast: Nika Gabrovšek, Grega Močivnik, Cooky, Tea Kovše, Andrej Tomše, Jurij Torkar

Costumes & whatnot: Katarina Zalar

Choreography: Katja Vravnik

Good Morning


30 minutes



A piece about two friends who want to start their morning off with a fine cup of coffee. But the clumsiness of one and the impatience of the other one keep getting in the way – now even the simplest tasks such as setting the table or boiling the water seem impossible! Will they be able to set their differences aside or are we heading towards a genuine decaffeinated catastrophe?

Good Morning is a farcical show with high tempo and few words. It may contain traces of physical comedy and even some circus skills. The performers showcase a peak physical condition and stamina and are therefore to be consumed before old.

Cast: Andrej Tomše & Luka Piletič

Directed by: Alenka Marinič

Costumes & scenography: Katarina Zalar

Street Dreams

Mask theatre/outdoor

35 minutes

A variety street show with simplistic black and white larval masks creating an oneiric universe. The piece is an hommage to street artists, to street art and to the public space towards all of which our attitudes have changed so drastically in the past couple of years.

Street Dreams is a production of GLOBUS HYSTERICUS.

Directed by: Justin Durel & Alenka Marinič

Cast: Luka Piletič, Manca Uršič, Anja Završnik, Andrej Tomše

Costumes & whatnot: Katarina Zalar